Champon Millennium Chemicals, Inc. manufactures pesticides for use in agriculture, golf and turf, that have superb efficacy against pathogens in soil and as a foliar spray, yet are not harmful to people, animals, and are environmentally friendly. Champon products are exempt from tolerance.


We replace pesticides in the market that are banned or listed to be banned. This includes methyl bromide, banned in developed countries worldwide effective January 1, 2005. Champon's Dazitol is replacing methyl bromide worldwide. Our products are marketed and distributed through Agencies and Distributors worldwide. All products are U.S. EPA registered.



What's New


January 2007
Champon begins marketing of its new product VIGOR, a natural soil enhancer.
March 2007
Champon begins field trials of WEEDITOL, a natural herbicide and begins limited sales and marketing. 
September 27, 2004
Champon Presents Results of Field Study with Dazitol, Methyl Bromide, and Untreated Control



June 1, 2004
Champon Europe Opens Office in Bordeaux, France


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